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Dear Friends of the Weston A. Price Foundation,

While WAPF is a membership-based organization, our affordable membership fees do not cover our many activities, all of which are geared to teaching our dietary principles and making nutrient-dense food available to people from all walks of life, all over the world. These include our providing journal, brochures and pamphlets; maintaining our influential websites ( and; exhibiting at over one hundred conferences each year; supporting nearly five hundred local chapters; weekly podcasts; and a lively social media presence.

Have the WAPF teachings benefitted you and your loved ones? Are you and your family enjoying better health due to the activities of WAPF? Then we ask that you give back with a donation. WAPF is a non-profit 501c3 foundation so your donation is tax-deductible and will provide funding for several areas including:


  • GENERAL EDUCATION: Help support our main focus, which includes our lively quarterly journal, print materials, website upkeep, Wise Traditions podcast, Nourishing Our Children educational initiative, exhibiting and local chapter activities.
  • SOY ALERT!: One main project will require additional finances this year: our petition to remove heart healthy label claims. These expenses really add up!
  • WISE TRADITIONS PODCAST: A weekly podcast with excellent topics and guest speakers interviewed by our host Hilda Labrada Gore. Each week the podcast averages over 10,000 listeners!
  • WAPF OVERSEAS: Chapter leaders have represented WAPF in Kenya, Zimbabwe and Peru. WAPF principles have affected tribal groups, villagers and city professionals.We want to continue spreading the WAPF message worldwide.
  • 12 SPOONS RESTAURANT RATING PROJECT: We are almost ready to launch but will need funds for ongoing administration. The goal is to help you find restaurants that serve healthy food and inspire thousands of restaurants, cafes, food trucks, community kitchens and caterers to adopt WAPF principles.
  • RESEARCH INTO THE FAT-SOLUBLE VITAMINS: We will be continuing to work on finding out how to maximize levels of vitamins A, D and K in the foods we eat.

Our goal is to continue to fund these projects and start new ones. Please help us with your donation today.

Sally Fallon Morell, President and Kathy Kramer, Executive Director

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