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By purchasing an option on this page, we will review your brand products or farm foods (products must be available in the U.S.) and their ingredients to see which qualify for our Shopping Guide and Find Real Food App. Please choose one of the payment options below. After we receive payment, we will email you the questionnaire to fill out about your products. We don�t list individual cuts of fresh meat so products like beef liver, beef bones and ground beef are considered one product--beef, not 3 products. We do list individual cuts of processed meats.

Before you submit your products to be reviewed, we highly encourage you to review our FOOD SELECTION CRITERIA here:

Besides the online form, you may also pay by phone at (202) 363-4394 or by printing this form and paying by check or credit card.

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Terms and Conditions By submitting this form you are authorizing your credit card to be charged for the indicated amount. If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Kramer at or call (202) 363-4394. Thank you for choosing Weston A Price Foundation.

Product Reviews There are no refunds available once the review process is done. Please see check off box above for the details.

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